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These are unsettling and challenging times, with widespread financial impacts on people who may have lost their jobs or experienced a significant reduction in income. In an effort to ease this financial strain, Life Insurance providers are working with clients to find a suitable solution. Following on from our previous blog about mortgage moratoriums, in this article we look at the help on offer from each provider.


Zurich: Zurich has always offered a 90 day reinstatement clause where a client has 3 months to pay back premiums even if a claim arises. The client is covered throughout the whole 3 month period and if a claim is accepted, any pay-out will be reduced by the amount of any unpaid premiums. This is not applicable if the client cancels their policy.

COVID-19 is not a defined illness listed in the Serious Illness policies so claims are not payable specifically for the virus. However, a client may be eligible to claim for conditions arising from COVID-19 if the serious illness definition is met.

For clients that have regular premium pensions and savings products that are impacted financially there is a “premium skip” option that allows them to take a premium holiday of up to 12 months. This applies to policies that have been in force for 12 months or longer, but has now been extended to policies that are in force less than 12 months. The premiums will restart automatically at the end of skip period allowing customers to get back on track with their financial plan.

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Royal London: At any time after the first year of your policy, you can ask for a payment holiday for up to 6 months and your policy will still continue. However, the missed payments will have to be made up at the end of the payment holiday or you can choose to reduce the pay-out amount. If claims arise during the payment holiday and it is accepted, pay-out will be reduced by the amount of any unpaid monthly premiums.

Payment holiday: 0345 600 7788

Alternatively, they have also put in place a COVID-19 specific premium deferral period of 3 months in which no premiums will be payable, but cover will continue to be in place. At the end of the deferral period, premium arrears will be spread out over the upcoming 12 month period.

Existing Business: 01 429 3333

Regarding Serious Illness benefits, since COVID-19 is a novel virus and not an illness covered within the Specified Serious Illness Cover policies, a customer will not be eligible to claim for this condition should he/she contract it, however they will be eligible to claim for conditions arising from COVID-19 if the condition met is the specified serious illness definition in their policy conditions, for example Intensive Care.

If a customer is diagnosed with COVID-19 and meets the definition of disability as a result of the virus, after the deferred period they will be able to submit a claim. However, people that have the virus and have to self-isolate as a result and cannot work, will not be able to claim unless they meet the definition of disability.



AVIVA: A 4 month deferral period for customers who need to stop paying premiums in the short term is available. During this period of time, the policy holders will be covered should a claim arise. The deferred premiums will be spread evenly over the following 12 month payments in addition to the regular premiums. Deferral requests can be submitted by the broker on a case by case basis.

Although coronavirus infection is not a covered condition on the specified illness policies, if complications as a result of the virus leads to conditions that are included for example severe lung disease or intensive care, the claim will be met subject to the terms and conditions of the specific policy.

Income Protection customers with coronavirus who can’t work due to incapacity past the deferral period will be covered subject to terms and conditions of their policy. Unfortunately, this won’t include reasons preventing clients form working such as employer or government restrictions around self-isolation.

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New Ireland: Customers that were granted payment breaks on their mortgages can also obtain a 3 month premium waiver on their Mortgage Protection Policy provided that evidence of approval of mortgage payment break is shown. The 3 months premiums will have to be repaid at a later date.

For Term Assurance policies that are not assigned to a mortgage, the first 30 days after missing a premium payment will be covered after which cover will cease but, policy holders have 60 days to reinstate the policy without the need for a declaration of health. This is currently being reviewed.

Specified Serious Illness Cover will not pay out benefits in the case of COVID-19 contraction as it is not one of the serious illnesses covered in the policy conditions, however this will not impact a customer’s ability to claim for serious illness benefit for a specified illness airing from the virus.

In the case of Income Protection, if customers meet the definition of disability as set out in the policy conditions, then the benefit will be paid out after the deferred period that applies.

New Ireland has moved to email only during this time so the following contact lines are available:



Irish Life: Customers that are impacted financially by the outbreak and think they might not be able to make the premium payments should contact Irish Life directly and see what support is available for them. The life cover death benefit will not be impacted as a result of COVID-19.

Irish Life have introduced a three month payment break from premium payments for those affected, while maintaining the policy holders cover and benefits in full. As they are conscious of a slow start of the economy, they offer two payment plans that clients can exercise in paying back owed premiums which can either be spread out over the following 12 months after the 3 month break at a monthly increase of 25%, or over a 60 month period meaning the payments will increase by just 5.5%.

As the coronavirus is not a specified illness within the list of covered conditions, clients cannot claim under their Serious Illness Policy as a result of this. However, they are eligible to claim if a condition mentioned within the terms and condition in the policy arises from COVID-19.

Income Protection is design to pay regular income if you cannot work because of illness or injury. If a client has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has a resulting medical condition which means they cannot work, they will be eligible to submit a claim and be medically assessed as normal at the end of the deferred period. It does not provide cover if the inability to work is due to redundancy or unemployment or self-isolation.

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MP: Mortgage Protection
TC: Term Cover

Should you have any queries whatsoever regarding an existing mortgage, life policy or any other type that you feel we might be able to help with, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always delighted to help and are currently contactable via our website, email, phone, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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