Life Assurance

Protecting your family, your income and your mortgage or even a potential inheritance tax liability is hugely important. You never know what is around the corner and planning ahead with adequate protection is crucial.

In the event of your death, you will need enough life cover;

  • To pay off your mortgage and any other loans to leave your family debt free
  • So that if you have a family you can provide for them at least until your children are no longer financially dependent
  • So that if you are leaving behind significant assets, your family can cover any inheritance tax liabilities without having to sell the assets

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as for example, a heart attack, cancer or stroke, you may need to take significant time off work to recover or you might need to make structural changes to your home. Specified Illness insurance pays out a lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of an insured illness and is a valuable part of any family protection consideration.