A home to come home to….


For the thousands of people thinking about or preparing to return to Ireland after a time abroad, there are many financial considerations. The purchasing of a home is often a priority. Given the complexity of arranging finance in a jurisdiction where you have not been earning and have no established credit history, specialised advice and guidance can be invaluable.

With the introduction of ‘Non-Resident’ mortgages, as well as home loan financing becoming available in currencies other than Euro, the market in Ireland, whilst still quite limited, does provide options.

If the property is ultimately a home you intend returning to, it is possible to borrow up to 65% of the purchase price with a ‘Non- Resident’ home loan, Interest rates on offer are from 2.95% (APRC 3.0%) and terms up to 25 years are available.

There is also a ‘Buy to let’ option available to the Non-Resident market. The lender can factor potential rental income into their underwriting decision.  Both Capital & Interest or Interest-Only are available.

Perhaps you already have an investment property that you want to refinance and covert to a private home.

As one of Irelands leading Mortgage brokers, Irish Mortgage Corporation specialise in helping expatriate clients secure funding for property purchases or refinancing here in Ireland.


You’ve being contributing to a Pension, perhaps several, during your working years both at home & abroad, what happens to these pensions now? Returning emigrants should be aware of the conditions governing any possibility to transfer or access pension savings established in a jurisdiction outside of Ireland.

If you’ve been in the UK, potentially there are options to take control and transfer or consolidate your pensions outside of the UK in a tax efficient manner.

Perhaps you hold a ‘Locked-in Account’ in Canada or a Superannuation in Australia? Can/Should you access these now? What is the most suitable pension structure now that you are back in Ireland?

Savings & Investments

You’ve worked hard and built up significant savings. Do you leave it where it is and perhaps leave yourself vulnerable to currency fluctuations in the future? Does the current exchange rate warrant a conversion to Euro at this time? Can you achieve similar, or indeed better returns here in Ireland?

At MoneyCoach, we will complete a full review of all your pensions and savings and advise the best approach now that you’re back in Ireland or thinking of returning at some stage in the future.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation to discuss the most appropriate solution for your particular circumstances.