All Lenders under one roof


For the first time in our 29 years in business, Irish Mortgage Corporation has access to all lenders in the residential property market. We can now rightly be called a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our mortgage clients, saving them time and money.

These clients extend from first-time buyers, to trader-uppers, to people looking to save money on their existing mortgage, to people returning to or moving to Ireland, to self-employed individuals and even to people with a poor credit history. We also advise clients who are weighing up paying down their mortgage or investing their savings elsewhere.

Our advisors have in-depth knowledge on each lender’s criteria and we can drill down to identify the most suitable product for each client’s financial situation, best interest rate (fixed or variable) and the most competitive rate.

We streamline the entire mortgage application process from your initial enquiry all the way to cheque issue so that you know where your application is at and what needs to be done to make it a success.

One area that we have significant expertise in, is looking after people looking to move or return to Ireland, especially where the balance of funds is in a non-euro denominated currency.

In recent years the Central Bank has encouraged existing borrowers to shop around and look for better value from their mortgage. Many of these borrowers may be on fixed rates and think they can only switch out of this rate at the end of the fixed rate period. This is no longer the case, and the cost of breaking the fixed rate may well be small and recoverable through the lower alternative rates. Your first step should be to find out from your lender what the break cost is. We can do the rest.

In recent years, one of our more successful initiatives is our ‘Mortgage-Ready Facility’, where we assess your mortgage needs and circumstances and point out any issues which might prevent you from making a successful application now. We agree a plan of action with you, which if followed, will enable an application to be made in an agreed time frame, say, 6 or 12-months’ time.