Protecting your family, your income and your mortgage or even the inheritance you leave is hugely important. You never know what is around the corner and planning ahead with adequate protection is crucial.

Personal Protection:
In the event of your death, you will need enough life cover to:

  • provide the regular income your family will require or even provide for ongoing childcare where necessary;
  • pay off your mortgage;
  • pay off other loans and expenses.

Income Protection:
For the majority, one’s income is actually one’s most valuable asset! Do the calculation, multiply your annual income by the likely number of years left to your retirement. In the event of you being unable to work for a significant period, can you (& your family) afford to survive on state disability benefits alone?

Protecting an inheritance:
Capital Acquisition Tax thresholds have been substantially reduced in recent budgets. The need to protect assets which you wish to leave to your loved ones, is becoming increasingly important and there are plans available that can assist in mitigating potential tax
liabilities on inheritances.

Let help to identify these needs and build a value-for-money protection plan that is best
suited to your circumstances.